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Contribute to blog

  1. To start publishing your posts on this blog, first contact us by email or in Telegram.

  2. Then we send you an invitation to become a Guest Writer.

  3. When you receive an invitation to your email, accept it.

  4. Log in to our Blog using your Google or Facebook account.

  5. The logged-in users can see the Create a Post button after they accept an invitation.

  6. Click the button and write your post.

  7. When finished, publish it for review. After we review it, your post will become available for everyone.

Add an event

1. Collect information about your event in the following order:

  • Title

  • Date and time

  • Description

  • Venue

  • Organizer

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Website

2. Send it in Telegram or by email.

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