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About us

Meet our new platform for technical writers, UX writers, content writers, copywriters, and all other kinds of writers who are eager to share their ideas and expertise in the form of a blog article.

Dear writers,

We've been nursing the idea of a platform where we could exchange our expertise and advice on different subjects relating to writing for a long time. Finally, the idea has shaped itself into a blog. This blog allows you to publish and edit your posts, read what others write, and add comments or reactions.

You know that we have been talking to each other on Telegram channels for technical writers and UX writers of Ukraine. Those channels are a good place for communication in real time. This blog is for writing! Yes, we're excited to announce that now you have a space, Ukrainian Writer's Space, where you can actually show your writing and share your ideas.


Yaroslava Kachan and Ivan Cheban

Maintainers of Ukrainian Writers' Space

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